Aki Boulanger》Review, BEST matcha patisserie in Paris

I really have to say “Aki Boulanger” is the best matcha patisserie shop in Paris. They have more than 20 kinds of matcha patisseries every day during the opening time. This is insane! I never seen a patisserie shop which can sell that many patisseries in a day. My first time to “Aki Boulanger”, we ate 4 different kinds of matcha patisserie including opera cake, cookie, roll cake and galette des rois.


If you’re my mandarin reader, you can check this article for the mandarin version:

巴黎甜點推薦》Aki Boulanger 日法甜點結合抹茶控絕對失控 超狂超過20種抹茶法式甜點天天供應

“Aki Boulanger” is nearby the metro Pyramides station which is also close to musée du Louvre.

We came in the morning around 11am, so there’re many other patisseries which haven’t been put on the shelf.

“Aki Boulanger” has not only patisserie and bread but also some Japanese food. You can grab something for lunch or buy a bread for breakfast.

Me and Wendy have stayed in Europe for a while and we rarely see matcha stuff in most cities. So we were crazy about what we saw in “Aki Boulanger”. If we could, I believe we would order all of the matcha patisseries and bread. Still, we ordered a cup of matcha latte and 4 matcha patisseries.

Look how happy and enjoyable I am.

matcha au latte

Sorry I forgot the price, but I guess it was like 4-5euros.

Its’ taste is beyond what I have expected. The matcha flavor is so strong and aromatic. I love it!

Kabuki 4.50€ 

It’s a matcha flavored opera. A little bit too sweet for me. But the texture is delicate.

Roule chocolat a la creme matcha 3.80€

Chocolate chiffon roll cake with matcha cream. I really like this one. The matcha cream was soft and the matcha flavor is strong.

galette des rois matcha 5.50€

This is literally my favorite! Actually, this is my first time to try a galette.

Red bean stuffing with mochi is so delicious. To my surprise, it’s not too sweet. The mille feuille tastes outstanding. The matcha flavor is great.

cookie matcha 2.50€

The last but not the least. It’s a chewy cookie which is my favorite kind of cookies. We took out the cookie because we were already full. When we ate it as breakfast, it tasted great!


“Aki Boulanger” is absolutely one of my favorite patisserie shop in Paris. No doubt I’ll go again when I go to Paris next time. Hope one day I can try all the matcha products in “Aki Boulanger” lol.

This is my “Paris patisserie shops Map“. Share with you guys if you’re obsessed with patisserie as well.:)

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Aki Boulangerie 

Address:16 rue Sainte-Anne 75001 Paris




How to go:Metro : Pyramides Ligne 7, 14.,Bus:21, 27, 29, 68, 95, 81


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